Core Selection


XFLAM is a market leading, insurer endorsed, innovative product in the field of fire-resistance. It is a syntactic foam with enhanced fire resistance, excellent mechanical properties, superior insulation values, low toxicity and is completely recyclable. As an insulating material, XFLAM achieves a high insulation rating to easily achieve section J compliance. The high insulation value reduces the energy costs required for maintaining a comfortable and efficient environment within the building.  XFLAM Panels were the first in Australasia to achieve FM accreditation in all three relevant certifications for Insulated Panel Systems.

  • FM 4471 - Roofing Systems
  • FM 4880 - Internal Wall and Ceilings
  • FM 4881 - Exterior Wall Systems

These Approvals cover full scale fire, severe hail, and hurricane conditions to name a few XFLAM Panel notably had “Some of the most remarkable test results ever achieved with FM approval...”


Broadly used and accepted throughout the construction industry, the EPS-FR panel core has been tried and tested for half a century. This cost effective construction solution has an impressive strength to weight ratio, is 100% recyclable and because of its low density, it provides further saving in the cost of foundations, framing and auxillary insulation. This BCA Group 1 product contains a Fire-retardant (FR) that is self-extinguishingand all installations are governed by the IPCA Code of Practice. 


In response to Industry demand for a high performance fire resistant panel – ASKIN developed the Mineral Wool core ‘Econorock’ panel. The Mineral Wool panel is classified as non-combustible and has the added benefit of sound absorption with significant acoustic ratings. The panel is ideally suited for application involving fire rated partitions, data centers, plant room isolation,  and other more extreme environments.


Complementing the complete range of panel options offered by ASKIN– PIR panel has been designed for higher thermal performance. This rigid polyurethane foam core panel is fire-safe and can be used to good effect in applications requiring a high thermal resistance.